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    Arena leveller

    Riding surface care for individual requirements

Arena leveller for ATV | RTV | Quad

Riding arena maintenance with the quad, ATV or RTV is widespread, due to the maneuverability and speed, the vehicles are also often used between training sessions. Good results are achieved only by the right course planner.

That is why we recommend the Platz-Max® Roll model range. The model series can be maneuvered and moved with the help of the chassis, and the height-adjustable support wheel allows the track planner to be maneuvered by hand like a trailer.


Do you have questions about our Platz-Max® Arena drags for ATV | RTV | Quad?

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Zero Turn Willow


suitable arena leveller for Quad / ATV /RTV

The Allrounder in riding surface care

The Allrounder in riding surface care

An ideal riding arena planner for different ground conditions and for the daily, professional maintenance of riding surfaces are the planners Platz-Max Roll GW / GW-SM.

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Dressage riding -
ideal arena leveller

Riding arena maintenance for a long and functional footing.

Dressage riding - <br>ideal arena leveller

The riding surface in dressage riding must meet individual requirements. The requirements for a dressage riding surface can be guaranteed by the track planners of the Platz-Max Roll model series.

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Show jumping -
the right riding surface care

When jumping, surefootedness on the riding surfaces must be given.

Show jumping - <br>the right riding surface care

For particularly good grip and shear strength, the riding surface is crucial, the requirement is met by the riding arena planners from Platz-Max Roll.

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Western Riding -
Arena leveller for Quad / ATV / RTV

Special care for the western riding floor.

Western Riding - <br>Arena leveller for Quad / ATV / RTV

The Platz-Max Roll K is equipped with a crumbler roller, which is mainly used in western sports, because the ground should be as loose as possible.

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