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  • Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> NLGW SM
  • Platz-Max® NLGW SM

    Arena leveller

    Working width: 1,35 m - 2,70 m
    Weight: 210 kg - 366 kg
    Insert: Dressage / amateur sport

Arena leveller Platz-Max® NLGW SM

The expert for soils with additives

The Platz-Max® NLGW SM can, with the help of the feature harrow tines, ideally mix soils with sand and fleece or also screenings. After that, the serrated bar can smooth the now ideal soil mixture. In the last part, the grid roller (Ø 345mm) does the pressure on the ground, creating a firm base and a light and loose 1.5 to 2 centimeters wide surface. 

The use of the horse arena drag provides dressage and amateur sport riders, as well as their horses, with the best conditions for successful training sessions and tournaments.

Note: The Platz-Max® NLGW SM with trailing device is recommended for towing vehicles with a power of 40 hp or more.

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Zero Turn Willow

Arena leveller from the model series "Basic

Platz-Max® NLGW SM
  • Basic equiment
  • Options
  • Technical data

Basic equiment

swivel and trailing mechanism
big track-clearer,right side
big cushion-wheel, telesc.
lattice roller Ø 345 mm
Basic equiment


level blade slim (front)
row of tines (front)
volcanic shovel



Technical data

Width: 1,35 m 1,60 m 1,80 m 2,20 m 2,50 m 2,70 m
Weight: 210 kg 240 kg 270 kg 308 kg 350 kg 366 kg
Technical data

more Basic models

Platz-Max® Multi

The powerful horse arena drag for the gentle treatment of riding surfaces.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Multi

Working width: 2.00 to 2.50 m
Use: for almost all riding surfaces

frame drag, trailing device, smoothing bar and the Farmflex roller

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Platz-Max® Multi for lawn care

The optimized multi for lawn care.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Multi for lawn care

Riding arena leveller multi with broom row
Use: turf and sand arenas

broom row and farmflex roller

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Platz-Max® NL

Our NL model series

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> NL

Professional riding arena maintenance with the Platz-Max® NL model range. The arena levellers are available in different working widths.

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Model series Platz-Max® Special

Platz-Max® TYMY

An ideal combination of tractor and riding arena planner.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> TYMY

Working width: 1.35 to 1.80 m
Use: for almost all riding surfaces

grid roller, crumbler roller

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Platz-Max® MAXI

A quick-change artist among riding arena planner.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> MAXI

Working width: 1.80 to 2.50 m
Use: for problem soils

trailing device, grid roller

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Platz-Max® Giga 2000

An expert from planning to irrigation.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Giga 2000

Volume: 1,000 to 2,000l
Use: for almost all riding floors

Crumbler roller, grid roller and farmflex roller

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Platz-Max® Rain K

The combination of tarpaulin and irrigation in one.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Rain K

Working width: 1.60 to 2.70 m
Capacity: 400 - 1,000 l

Equipment: crumbler roller

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Platz-Max® Rain GW

Simultaneous sprinkling and performance of riding ground maintenance.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Rain GW

Working width: 1.60 to 2.70 m
Capacity: 400 - 1,000 l

Equipment: grid roller

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Platz-Max® Turf

The fastest in just about every race.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Turf

Working width: 2.20 to 5.50 m
Equipment: crumbler roller, grid roller

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Pasture tow

The power and time saving support aid.

Pasture tow

Material thickness: 26 mm
Weight per star: approx. 2460 g

Recommended for:
Stall tractors, small tractors,Quad and ATV

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Platz-Max® Roll

Our Roll model series

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Roll

Through the further development of the Platz-Max® series, enstand the Platz-Max® Roll. The advantage of the web planner is that it can be mounted on different towing vehicles.

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