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    Western riding

    for tractors

    Professional riding arena maintenance

Arena leveller Western

Loose western soils with the perfect roller


Due to the necessity in western riding to have a riding ground as loose as possible, a special roller, the Krümler roller, is needed for the soil preparation. 

The Platz-Max® Rain K has this special feature, which is used when the ground is too firm and needs loosening. Besides, it can spread 400 - 1,000 liters of water on e.g. outdoor pitches and racetracks by means of an additionally attached front tank.


The Platz-Max® NLK also includes a crumbler roller. Its additional tracking device grants a great advantage: The riding arena leveller can lay in tight curves at high speed without shifting the ground materials sideways.


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Zero Turn Willow

Arena leveller tractors

Discipline Western

Platz-Max® Multi

The powerful horse arena drag for the gentle treatment of riding surfaces.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Multi

Working width: 2.00 to 2.50 m
Use: for almost all riding surfaces

frame drag, trailing device, smoothing bar and the Farmflex roller

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Platz-Max® NLK

An indoor and outdoor riding surface leveller.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> NLK

Working width: 1.35 to 2.70 m
Use: Western sports

trailing device and crumbler roller

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Platz-Max® Rain K

The combination of tarpaulin and irrigation in one.

Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Rain K

Working width: 1.60 to 2.70 m
Capacity: 400 - 1,000 l

Equipment: crumbler roller

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Arena leveller HOFTRAC & ATV / RAT / QUAD

Discipline Western

Arena leveller for yard tractor - Western

Leveling of riding arenas with stable tractors
Suitable for sandy soils.

Arena leveller for yard tractor - Western

The Platz-Max® Roll K with its crumbler roller is the ideal loosener for western riding grounds of owners of the Hoftrac tractors.

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Western Riding -
Arena leveller for Quad / ATV / RTV

Special care for the western riding floor.

Western Riding - <br>Arena leveller for Quad / ATV / RTV

The Platz-Max Roll K is equipped with a crumbler roller, which is mainly used in western sports, because the ground should be as loose as possible.

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