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  • Weidemann Hoftrac<sup>®</sup>
  • Weidemann Hoftrac®

    Compact telescopic loader

    Individuality - multifunctional - powerful

Weidemann Hoftrac®

The compact telescopic handlers from Weidemann

Hoftracs or yard loaders can easily handle all tasks and work quickly, flexibly and safely. 

Compact design, low center of gravity, small turning radius and powerful performance - these features characterize the Hoftrac series and determine the success of these machines in agriculture, horse farms, the commercial sector and municipalities.


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Zero Turn Willow

Individuality is the key - your very own Hoftrac®

Weidemann Hoftrac®

Hoftrac®1140 Standard

Safe and reliable work in confined spaces.

Hoftrac<sup>®</sup>1140 Standard

Engine power: 25 hp
Payload: 1.463 lbs

Features: various drive options and tools

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Hoftrac® 1260 Standard

High-quality workmanship pays off.

Hoftrac<sup>®</sup> 1260 Standard

Engine power: 33 hp
Payload: 2.244 lbs

Features: powerful engine, easy tool change

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Hoftrac® 1350 CX45

Hoftrac® 1350 CX45 full drive power on the ground

Hoftrac<sup>®</sup> 1350 CX45

Engine power: 43 hp
Payload: 3.723 lbs

Features: increased ground clearance and good thrust transmission

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