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You can find many more videos about our products and services in our Youtube video channel. On this page you can see short portraits about our four business units Steel Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Motor Equipment Center as well as Agricultural and Municipal Technology.

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Hippodung combination mulcher from Platz-Max at a glance
Horse health "from the ground up": Get to the root of the problem...

Pasture land is precious and the essential factor for healthy and horse-friendly husbandry. With the Hippodung combi-mulcher from Platz-Max you manage not only labor-saving and cost-effective, but at the same time environmentally friendly and sustainable. Convince yourself and your horses of the possibilities that our innovative pasture care offers you.
Platz-Max® MAXI - Ideal for problem soils
The Platz-Max® MAXI impresses with its wide range of possibilities. A wide range of accessories can be attached to the frame construction, consisting of 2D tracking device, 2-row harrow tines, hydraulic hoe coulter row, hoofbeat scraper and conveyor roller for right and left. The Platz-Max® MAXI is designed so that any roller, regardless of size or condition, can be attached. The front row of tools on the course leveller can be equipped with a harrow, a levelling bar, a serrated bar or the broom row, depending on the requirements. The upward pivoting hoofbeat scrapers allow the riding surface to be worked over the entire working width.
Platz-Max® Multi - for almost all riding surfaces
The Platz-Max® Multi consists of a frame drag into which the proven components of the Platz-Max® units have been combined. The alternating hydraulic actuation of the trowel bar and the farmflex roller ensures that the different processing of different footing layers is possible with only one device.
Platz-Max TYMY - for all riding surfaces, lunging circles and horse walkers
Platz Max Multi in Ostenfelde
Riding arena planner Platz-Max Multi in Ostenfelde
Equitana Innovation Award 2013
Honda ATV mit Platz-Max Roll
Riding arena planner "Square-Max Roll" pulled by a Honda ATV
Platz-Max Turf
Watch riding arena planner "Platz-Max Turf" by Platz-Max at Youtube.
Platz Max Multi
Watch riding arena planner "Platz Max Multi" by Platz-Max on Youtube.

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