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  • Platz-Max<sup>®</sup> Kombimulcher
  • Platz-Max® Kombimulcher


    No more mucking out

    Saves time by mulching manure and grass clippings

    Environmentally friendly composting

Platz-Max® Kombimulcher

Horse health "from the ground up": Get to the root of the evil!

Effective pasture care with the Platz-Max® Kombimulcher

No more mucking out! Horses avoid less palatable plants and grasses around horse manure. As a result, these grasses can easily proliferate. Geil spots spread and the percentage of usable pasture area decreases.

The Platz-Max® Kombimulcher gets to the root of the problem. During the mulching process, the purely organic Fertilizer is sprayed on. This causes rapid composting of the manure, which in turn ensures a healthy humus build-up in the soil. The willow thus becomes active - so that the mulch is almost completely metabolized after just 14 days. Manure becomes valuable fertilizer, the grass grows back faster and labor-intensive clearing is no longer necessary.

With the Platz-Max® Kombimulcher , you will not only save labor and money, but also be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Convince yourself and your horses of the possibilities our new pasture care offers you.


Our specialists will be happy to draw up an individual pasture care plan for you.

Zero Turn Willow


Combimulcher Model Series

Wide range of combimulcher models

Combimulcher Model Series

The combi-mulcher model series feature exclusive equipment, such as highly tempered pendulum protection flaps and fine-grain steel. Higher multifunctionality is given by additional functions.

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Front mulcher

Platz-Max® Kombimulcher front mulcher for yard loader.

Front mulcher

The maximum performance of the front mower, which can be used in any area and in diverse conditions, is primarily achieved in combination with yard loaders.

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Rear mulcher

The universal rear mulcher of the Platz-Max® Kombimulcher .

Rear mulcher

The rear mulcher can be used on a wide variety of tractors for daily long-duration mowing and mulching operations.

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Side mulcher

Side mulcher as a variant of the Platz-Max® Kombimulcher

Side mulcher

This version of the combi-mulcher supports the natural fertilization of the soil, composting, as well as water retention. Thus, the side mulcher increases the quality of pasture.

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